Do you believe it is better to support community service activities (yes) or tournament competitions (no)?

  • Yes, community service is important.

    Community service improves the life of many people. It helps the community in general by providing useful services that it is not generally possible to pay a wage for, such as handing out food at a food bank. In particular, it helps those who need it directly, such as poor, homeless, or elderly, and those who perform community service gain a learning opportunity and connect with the community while getting information for their resume.

  • Community activities support the community

    Yes, I believe that it is better to support the community service activities. Community service activities support the community that they dwell. Many communities depend on those that dwell there to ensure that the community thieves. You should want to support your community so tournament completions should not be an option.

  • Things that help the community are best.

    Yes, I believe that it is better to support community service activities rather than tournament competitions, because community service activities are things that other people benefit from, rather than just for people to enter for their own competition's sake. Also, people will pay to join tournaments, but we need charity to help each other.

  • Suport Your Local Community

    If people want good paying jobs, they should always support their local communities. Buy from local business, not Walmart. Help keep the city clean, so that more businesses will want to set up shop in your neighborhood. I am not really sure what tournaments competitions have to do with supporting community service but community service is the way to go for me.

  • Better To Support Community

    I personally think that There should not be open access to middle school students ever regarding sexual activity, but high school students should not have it either. If kids want to have sex, they will find a way to acquire the protection on their own. It is our duty to tell them not to do so, not encourage it.

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