• Yes we torture ..

    I have heard testimony enough to believe the claims of torture raised against the police in several cities. Exp. By black detainees. The stories are quite similar. Beatings, being stripped naked, head forced down into a bucket of water to simulate drowning.. And .. Electric shock! Many black men tell similar stories of how the cops tied electric wire to their testicles and how very, very, painful it was.

  • Yes, it happens a lot.

    The way things work today, abuse is fairly common with those suspected of crime, especially abuse of minority people or those who are poor. It is often subtle, but surprisingly it is also done quite openly, too. There is just too much ego and too much prejudice among those in law enforcement.

  • Police abuse is common.

    When I say that it is common, I mean that it does take place too often and on a daily basis. I think cops get a bad wrap in general, and it's too unfair, but the heavy-handedness of police in the United States has gone too far and needs to be halted.

  • It is relatively rare for police to abuse suspects in the United States.

    Police abuse of suspects is relatively rare in the United States, especially when compared with many other countries. Although it does happen, and cases are publicized from time to time, in general suspects are treated fairly and given their basic rights by police. It is important to note that when abuse does occur, the police are punished and the suspect compensated.

  • No, it is not common in America for police to abuse suspects.

    No, it is not common in America for police to abuse suspects. I do believe it does happen, but then get blow out of proportion. When people hear that it happened to one suspect, the automatically feel that ever police officer is doing it, which is not that case at all. There is no proof backing it up, other than word of mouth. I think police enforcement takes there job seriously, and most know that in toady's society if they mess up, they will be caught themselves.

  • Not On Average

    I would say it is not common in America for police to abuse suspects. Generally, it is far more common for police to abuse their powers in smaller ways and generally against the common public when it comes to traffic violations and the such. Even this isn't common per say.

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