Do you believe it is constitutional for Americans to be required to buy health insurance?

  • Americans should be required to buy health insurance

    I believe that although none of us directly asked to be on this Earth, it is a great honor and privilege to be a part of this world and we should take care of it and ourselves. When one cannot afford insurance, typically they do not see a doctor unless its an emergency. Often times, the ER visit is 10xs the cost of the average visit to the family doctor. If said person cannot afford insurance or a trip to the regular doctor, how do you think they are going to afford to pay the outrageous hospital fees now that things have gotten too bad to ignore? The answer is often times these bills are never paid. Since these bills go on without payment, hospitals and staff are forced to raise costs on insurance companies and those who actually pay straight from their pockets. Now everyone but people with no insurance are paying all of these bills. Parents should have medical insurance on their children until they move out and are independent, working, so forth or until after college. Once the child becomes an adult and responsible for his own medical insurance, he should have so many months to obtain the insurance on his well being just the same as we are required to have car insurance. Its not a punishment if everyone does it and then premiums and hospital costs go down, that is a win for everyone. Making is mandatory insures theres a way for everyone to be covered and the very people helping us get well, get paid.

  • Yes, we have to buy auto insurance!

    Buying health insurance, especially when it has been so well subsidized for many by the affordable care act, is giving all in the United States access to good medical care when they need it. Some people would choose not to buy car insurance when they drive, but that is a mandated expense that is not subsidized.

  • I don't say its wrong I just say it doesn't explicitly say yes or no in the Constitution.

    I mean, the constitioon was a great document and all...But its not our crutch. We need to make decisions outside it. That was a different time. There are ethical issues that didn't exsit then. But we should have to have healthcare, but it should be cheap, and/or money shoukld only be taken from you if you gety in an accident.

  • Up to them

    I do think that health insurance is a very good thing to have, but I do not think that it is constitutional to make everyone buy it. They have already made it though to where you have to buy car insurance, so health insurance was simply the next step in line.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe it is constitutional for Americans to be required to buy health insurance and I certainly don't agree with the fine if you do not do so. However, this isn't the first instance of this type of thing happening in the United States. When you consider automobile insurance, it is a requirement as well.

  • The lack of people having money makes it unconstitutional.

    It is not constitutional for Americans to be required to buy health insurance. This is because not everyone can actually afford it. There are financial stresses on many Americans today that have stretched their money to the limit, such as mortgage debt and tuition payments. The last thing they need is to be fined for not having health insurance.

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