Do you believe it is easier to acquire something new (yes) or do something new (no)?

  • Anyone can shop.

    I think that it is easier to acquire something new, rather than to do something new, because anyone can go shopping. It takes effort and a vision to actually accomplish something new. This is so much more than just driving to Macy's and picking out a new sweater. Doing something takes work.

  • Effort and Old Dogs

    While it is better to ‘do’ something new or learn something new, both of those things require effort (the expenditure of energy regardless of the task). When acquiring something new it implies either purchasing or trade; either way, it is simply an exchange of something for something else. The latter has no effort involved other than selecting the item to acquire and the item to exchange (usually just money as trade is less popular, though growing in some popularity in the struggling economy). When it comes to ease and the laws of physics, things that expend less energy are always ‘easier’.

  • Yes, it's easier to get than to do.

    To get something new merely has to do with saving up your money or finding some way to acquire what it is you want. Doing something new means you have to change yourself in some way, whether it be to take a risk or to change an attitude so that is much harder.

  • Buying Is Easy

    I believe it is easier to acquire something new because making a purchase is very simple. It is more difficult to do something new because the task required the creativity necessary to create the new activity. Many people lack this ability but everyone has the skills required to make a purchase.

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