Do you believe it is ethical for pharmaceutical companies to advertise directly to consumers?

  • ethical for pharmaceutical

    I personally agree,In recent decades there has been a development of what has been called "consumerism"--that is, a greater concern of the public who spend their money for goods and services to be sure that their interests are being served and, in turn, a response by the providers to pay more attention to the publics demands. In the medical profession, this consumerism has lead to changes in ethical philosophy and,
    for example, causing physicians to be less paternalistic in their dealings with patients and have more concern for patient autonomy. Recently, in the pharmaceutical industry, with the relaxation of advertising standards, consumerism has lead to what has been called "direct to consumer advertising" of prescription drugs.

  • Pharmaceutical companies directly advertising to consumers?

    I do agree that it is ethical because it gives the consumer an awareness of other products out their for the issues that they may have and i don't think their is anything wrong with consumers knowing about other options and being educated of options that are available to that individual.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, I think that the people need to know what all medicines are out there and are going to cure what illness they might have right then. I think that it helps out both sides when they do this, since they can make more money by doing this method of advertising.

  • Direct advertisement from pharmaceutical companies creates more drug users.

    Pharmaceutical companies are apart of the medical profession. They are supposed to help people. It is unethical for them to advertise to consumers, because that advertisement sometimes convinces people they need drugs when they don't. People should be diagnosed, and then told by a doctor what medication they should try.

  • They Could Advertise Other ways.

    All pharmaceutical companies need to be shut down and revamped. All they do is profit off of people's illness's or deficiencies. They wonder why so many people are hooked on prescription drugs. Anyway, they could advertise the problems people are having and just describe the symptoms. Then tell them to go see a doctor. If a doctor feels their drug is safe, they will give it to the person in need. If not, they will give them another brand, like they probably do anyway.

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