• They are safe.

    Yes, I believe that it is ethical to buy a sport utility vehicle, because there are a lot of good features that SUV's have. SUVs are large, which make them safe in case of a crash. They are also large, which make them comfortable. They are not much worse for the environment than trucks. People who want them should be able to have them.

  • Yes, I think it is ethical.

    I think it is perfectly ethical to buy a sport utility vehicle. SUV's are pretty much necessary for people living in rural areas due to snow, ice and flooding. SUV's have replaced mini vans for carting the kids back and forth from soccer and other sports. People buy them for camping and outings; They are all purpose.

  • Yes, they are useful for many reasons.

    Of course I think it is ethical to buy an SUV. They are the most spacious and comfortable vehicles on the road. They still do not sacrifice the cool look like minivans do, and can really be quite awesome. They are worth it because they are everything in one, cargo and space.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe it is ethical to buy a sport utility vehicle. Not all of these vehicles are the gas guzzlers that the Hummer was, so gas mileage does vary quite a bit. For those with larger families, it can be essential to have the space offered by these vehicles on a regular basis.

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  • It is unethical to purchase an SUV.

    No, it is not ethical for people to purchase and drive sport utility vehicles. Sport utility vehicles consume much more fuel than regular cars. We are already faced with an aggressive addiction to oil and gas, and any effort that can be made to reduce consumption of this resource should be taken.

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