Do you believe it is ethical to keep a large number of wild animals as pets?

  • In very certain circumstances

    In special circumstances it is safe for people to own wild animals, but those times are incredibly few and far between. Private collections almost always end up abusing animals or improperly taking care of them, but some of the collections of the extremely rich might actually be zoo quality care.

  • Not A Large Number

    I do not believe it is ethical to keep a large number of wild animals as pets with the exception being for people who are capable of providing the large habitats often required by these animals. I believe it is possible to keep these animals, but in large quantities it is doubtful they would have the environment and care they need.

  • Wild animals should be in the wild

    Wild animals should never be kept as a pet unless it is so severely injured that it poses no harm to the caretaker and also would not survive out in the wild due to this injury. Once this wild animal is nursed back to health it should then be released back into the wild. Wild animals should not be caged and they should be allowed to remain in their natural habitat.

  • No, not for the neighbors or for the animals.

    We may have an affinity for a certain type of animal, but these animals are best living in the wild where they belong or in a zoological spot that is safe and approximates their own habitat. Keeping wild animals is not good for the animal and downright scary for the neighbors.

  • No, I do not.

    A think wild animals are not intended to be pets. Certain animals like being part of a human family such as dogs. This is because of the pack nature in their DNA. Most wild animals have no interest in humans and do not bond to them in the wild. It is prison to lock them up and pretend that they are your pet.

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