Do you believe it is fair for a college or university to retract the offering of a class simply based on lack of interest?

  • If no one is taking the courses, why would you have them...?

    A course being discontinued for now doesn't mean it disappears. As interest grows (as with the plethora of new programs on offer these days) in a field, the number of courses on offer grows.

    Otherwise, you are having little actual discussion and progress being made on the topics, investing way more into them than you are getting out.

    As well, by what other means would you decide to make new courses, and abolish old ones?

  • Yes, I believe it is fair for a College to retract a class offering due to lack of interest.

    If there is only minimal interest for a certain class I don't see why the college should be required to spend the resources to employ a teacher to teach that subject area, that teacher could be used to teach a more in demand class, while it may be unfortunate that a class you wanted to take was canceled due to lack of interest there is likely a similar class that has more interest that you can join.

  • Yes, colleges operate on student interest or lack of interest

    Yes, colleges are built and staffed to serve the needs of students, and if there is a lack of interest it shows students do not see a need for that class. This is an efficient way of weeding out classes and subject matter that are useless or technically outdated, such as Typewriting or Switchboard Operating. There is no longer any real need for these classes, and it does no harm to the college or students to stop providing them.

  • Colleges should make wise elisions

    Colleges should make the tough choice to drop a class if the interest is not there from students wanting to take the class. The colleges should adept quickly to what is important for the students to study in. They need to be flexible up until the class Is about to start.

  • No, learning institutions should not retract the offering of a class simply based on lack of interest.

    When students show a lack of interest in a certain class, a learning institution such as a college or university, should not immediately take a step to remove the class from their offerings. Instead, they should find a more cost- and time-effective method, such as online classes that allow students the freedom of learning a topic and receiving credit without the costs associated with a typical class style.

  • Yes, it's for a university to retract a class if there isn't much interest.

    I think that universities and colleges have to focus on money when it comes to offering classes. If a class does not have enough interest to warrant it, then only makes sense that a university might retract the class in order to use its resources somewhere else. I think it makes sense.

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