• I believe it is fair for a state to help fund private education.

    I believe it is fair for a state to help fund private education in the form of vouchers in the amount their the state would have spent on that child's public school education. I don't believe that we should be forced to send our children to public school when in some cases, it can actually be a dangerous place to learn.

  • Private schools give bullied smart kids a chance.

    It is fair for a state to help fund private education. This is because the public schools in many urban areas are full of kids who come from ill-fuctioning families. People who care about their kids don't want to send them there to be bully victims. Private education allows kids who are smart a chance to thrive in a decent private school.

  • Yes, The State should help in all aspects of education

    It is fair for the state to help fund private education as long as the states public education is up to par and have good and above average grades and graduation rates in their public schools. All education is valuable and if the state has extra funds it should be invested in education.

  • No it should'nt, for the sake of the private schools theselfs.

    What makes a private school what it is? First, when you think of a private school you think of higher education than public schools, this is because parents often pay for their child's tuition, and the school wants more students (hence more paying parents), so they teach chidren more efficiently. If the private school isn't successful enough to fund itself, that probably means that the teaching isn't up to the expectations of the parents or gaurdians of the students. So that being said, if there are no benefits from having a private school, then why pay for one when there is already a publicly funded school that meets standards?

  • Public Dollars Should Not Aid Private Education

    The point of public schools is to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to develop their minds. Public schools should be an "equalizer" in society, where anyone from any background has a chance to succeed. If public money is given to support private school, it would create a segregated society, with no gaurantee of equal opportunity,

  • No, a state shouldn't fund private education.

    I do not think it would be right for a state to help fund private education. I think that if a state wants to fund something it should be public education. Private eduation is something that is only beneficial for the people who want to pay for it. It shouldn't be a public program.

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