• I believe it is fair for non-profits to make an actual profit.

    I believe it is fair for non-profits to make an actual profit. Non-profit organization have costs of operations such as paying for labor, renting office space, and paying utility bills. Although the majority of the revenue gained by non profit organization should be disbursed to their cause, they should be allowed to use some of their profits to pay the salaries of their workers.

  • Non profits should not make profits

    Non profits should not make profits because it is not fair that they do not have to pay taxes. Many non profits are really in the business of making money and just use their identification as an advantage for themselves to enrich themselves. It would be best if the tax system was simplified.

  • No, it is not fair.

    Non-profits are not supposed to make actual money. Their funds are supposed to be private and their money is supposed to come not from their donors but from volunteers. They should not make profit because it completely ruins the name of the game. They are a great name, but should not make profit.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that there is any thing wrong with this, because they need a little profit to make the people want to keep going and helping out all of the people that they do, since they do a good deed they can get paid just a little.

  • No, it's a contradiction in terms

    By definition, a non-profit should not make a profit. The pursuit of profit is not consistent with its reason for being (generally charitable or educational activities) and would almost certainly distort its goals and ethos. A non-profit is also taking unfair advantage of its tax-exempt status if it makes a profit.

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