Do you believe it is fair to be taxed both when you earn money and then again when you spend it?

  • Yes, it is fair to be taxed both ways.

    When you earn money, you are paying income tax, which has percentages held out for both the federal government and the state. When you make a purchase, other than food at the grocery store, your purchase is taxed as a sales tax, which is revenue solely for the sate you reside in. These taxes keep our schools and government running and as such serve a definite purpose. Without the taxes, we would not have the many services we are accustomed to.

  • pay our dues

    Yes, I think that it is fair to be taxed both of these times, because you are paying for your government. This is the only way to ensure a good strong government, to pay your fair share of taxes in to the state and federal systems that we have today.

  • It's not fair, but necessary.

    If you think governments should withstand and public works continue, well, then you need taxes coming from every direction. A country simply cannot function without taxes, and when everything becomes privatized we become clan-like again. Maybe it's not fair that we get our money taken, but it is for the good of civilization--usually.

  • (double) Taxation without representation

    Our tax system is corrupt, And is so convoluted that we are meant to just accept it. We need to overhaul this system in one way or another. Even if I felt that the government was using this money wisely I'd still oppose it, Though to a lesser extend I suppose.

  • We act like we don't pay more?

    We act like we pay so much less in taxes then country's with soicalist healthcare yet we are tax when we make money and again when we spend money. It makes no sense. It should be illegal how we don't notice this more often and raise the issue is amazing.

  • It should be illegal.

    If the minimum wage is at $7.50 per hour, when you pay sales tax that defeats the purpose of minimum wage. Yes you pay income tax which is fine. You still get a paycheck which means money in your pocket. But when you spend that money you get taxed again. In my state it's 6 cents for every dollar spent. If you have $7.50 and you spend it. The tax is $0.45. That brings the minimum wage down to $7.05 an hour. 45 cents doesn't seem like much but remember, that's only for 1 hours pay. Imagine how much you lose to tax from your 40 hour per week paycheck. Now imagine that multiplied over the course of an entire year. No wonder people can't make ends meet.

  • Unfair taxation, especially at earning levels.

    It is not fair to be taxed both when you earn money and then again when you spend it. In fact, it almost seems like a punishment for going to work and taking part by spending in the economy. Taxes on earning need to be minimized so that people can actually build a better financial future for themselves.

  • I Don't Think It Is

    Given the way the United States and all of its smaller divisions of taxing authorities work it is impossible to tell how much a person is actually paying in taxes total. I do not believe we should be taxed when we earn money and when we spend it. These taxes all go different places, but I think it would be better to lump them all together so people can see exactly how much they do pay in.

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