Do you believe it is fair to exempt South Korean celebrities from national service is South Korea?

  • Service Shouldn't Be Required

    I am not a supporter of forcing people into national service so if a person can be exempted for a valid reason, then it should be allowed. I believe it is better to have a system where people volunteer for such services because compulsory service admits people that many not have common interests.

  • Their service is required.

    South Korean men are required to serve 2 years in the military at some point between the ages of 18-25. Just because they are famous should not provide an exemption to this policy. There are secluded options like the KATUSA program that is typically reserved for the children of politicians and affluent families. The ROK society is built upon every man at least knowing how to fight, even if they never do.

  • No, just look back at our draft.

    When we had a draft for the World Wars, many celebrities could opt out of it by either paying their way or through connections of status. This is similar, and I know many people were upset by the world wars situation, this should be no different and celebrities should serve.

  • Everyone should be held to the same standard

    No, I do not believe that South Korean celebrities should be exempt from national service. If there is a requirement to serve then it should be the same for everyone, not just those that are not considered celebrities. Everyone should serve their country if it is required. What makes a celebrity different in this aspect?

  • No I don't.

    Celebrities are just people, and if in South Korea the average person has to sign up for national service, then celebrities should have to as well. It is not right to favor a person because they are a celebrity. The should still have to do their national duty like everyone else.

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