Do you believe it is harmful (yes) or helpful (no) to watch television?

  • T.V. is bad for u!!

    T.V. does a lot of damage to brain cells and slows child development!! Also many children become lazy and obese!! People can survive without T.V. But not all t.V is bad!! Just make sure you still exercise. And it kind of just depends on how much T.V. you watch. But T.V. can destroy u!!

  • Yes, it's harmful to watch television.

    Really, I don't think it's necessarily harmful or helpful to watch television, but watching television in excess is harmful. It can lead to people being more lethargic and not getting enough exercise. Studies have also shown that when people are eating in front of the television, they pay less attention to the quantity of food that they're consuming. So in regards to lack of exercise and diet, watching television in excess can be harmful to one's health.

  • Yes, TV is neutrally influential.

    I don't think that we can say that television is influential one way or another. I think that the TV
    is a tool and that it can be used for one way or another. It can be implemented as a positive influence or a negative influence, so it is up to the viewer.

  • Watching TV is not harmful

    Watching TV is not harmful. What you watch and for how long may be harmful. It is fine to watch TV as some entertainment. You can even watch educational and cultural programming. But it you watch 6 hours of reality TV a day, you may be causing your brain to turn into mush.

  • Television is more helpful than harmful.

    I think that television is all about choices. You can choose to watch harmful things (anything on Fox news) or helpful things on a number of channels like PBS, A&E, History Channel, and so on. Television has never proved to be harmful, except in a handful of cases where people who were mentally ill made questionable choices based on what they viewed.

  • Just another form of information

    People rail against this or that, all I can hear is "you darned kids get odd my lawn". We exist in a data rich environment which our ancestors could not have dreamed of, television is merely one channel out of dozens through which information is accessed by people these days.

  • TV is not bad

    TV itself isn't bad for you! It all depends on how much TV a day you watch. TV is a great source of knowledge, depending on what the viewer is watching. I think it is totally okay to unwind and relax in front of the TV for a little while, but if the viewer is binge-watching game shows and reality TV shows all day, then obviously there's a problem and that isn't very healthy. It's all about using the TV and other electronics in moderation.

  • We love it

    It was not harmful because we learn a lot but some of them ARE are not good for you but some of them at contention for you and plus last year my teacher said to go the TV and she how many food concoction on the TV so want to see but you know their was a lot and ten my teacher GAVE-ALL OF USE FOOD BECAUSE WE DID ARE homework.

  • Television is good

    We can know lots of information such as watching news, or we can watch educational programs which can provide some chances for students who are suffering from poverty. And, we can learn lots of useful information such as science and social studies. Watching those programs, we can increase our knowledge level.

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