Do you believe it is important for thoughtfulness (yes) or partisanship (no) to be a priority in court?

  • Thoughtfullness is more important in court.

    I think that it is more important for thoughtfulness than partisanship to be a priority in court. I think that it is a negative thing when people in court decides to be bias in case for political reason. Thoughtfulness in court is definitely more important in regards to the fates of people's lives.

  • Nothing wrong with decorum.

    I believe that thoughtfulness is more important that partisanship in court, because attorneys and even pro pers in the court system need to act civil to each other. A court is a formal place and needs to be treated as such. If people were required to be more formal, they would remember not to take the situation lightly.

  • Truthfulness of course

    The most important priority in court is, of course, truthfulness. That is the reason the court system is set up; to find the truth. Any other priority aside from that is a not even close second, and should not even be considered for comparison. This is the judicial system here.

  • Thoughtfulness goes a long way

    If everyone in the world would show just a little thoughtfulness then the world would instantly be a much better place. It doesn't take a lot on anyone's part, just a little. Thoughtfulness in the court is no different. While partisanship is important, especially in the court setting, thoughtfulness can go a much longer way in the end.

  • Courts Should Follow Law

    Courts should follow the law and be thoughtful in their rulings. The entire reason for a court system is to be nonpartisan in the first place, even though federal judges are appointed and confirmed by politicians. There is no place for partisanship in a court system although some attorneys seeking certain outcomes in federal courts will file civil litigation with certain justices that may lean one way or another on a particular decision.

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