Do you believe it is important for Tibet to become its own independent state?

  • Freedom tibet's right

    The Tibetans are not Chinese, nor are their language and culture, which are closely related to those of the Burmese. Like the Burmese, the Tibetans are overwhelmingly Buddhist. Communist China seized Tibet in 1950, exploiting its people and resources ever since. The Tibetans are unique, and deserve their freedom back.

  • Yes, it has suffered enough.

    Tibet has suffered so much since it was taken over by the Chinese and it is time that it gets to celebrate its own status as an independent nation and to enjoy the peace and calm that its monks try to practice through all the adversity and cruelty that has been suffered here.

  • Tibet becoming independent

    I believe any nation that wants to become its own state and run its own bylaws is welcome to do so. If Tibet can sustain its own government and the people of this place are willing to carry that responsibility then they should pursue this overall independence as a separate state.

  • Tibet shuld be independent

    It is important for Tibet to be free and be able to be completely independent. For many years, the country has been trying to distinguish itself and be independent but it has not been able to do so. Many countries have voiced their support for the small country and America is one of them.

  • it's own independent

    I personally agree, Tibet people are different from the Chinese they live different lives. The Tibetans still living in the old fashion way and they do not seem to support the industrial requisition that china imputes on them. Plus, the Tibetans have a different culture from the Chinese. I hope that one day everyone will have the opportunity to live their lives the way they want to.

  • The people want freedom.

    Yes, I believe that it is important for Tibet to become its own independent state, because the people of Tibet very much want to be free. There will not be any settled identity in the area until those people want to be free. Tibet has residents who long for freedom, and they should be allowed to realize that identity with their own independence.

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