• Near about 14 billion years ago Allah/God the big bang and started evolution, now 7 divisible gravitational worlds.

    Very easy to understand about the Universe, if you understand below the 4 theories, you can found out 100% way of the Universe.


    1) Modern Big Bang Theory
    2) Modern Evolution Theory
    3) Modern Gravitational Theory
    4) Modern Time Dimension Theory

    Allah/God the Big Bang, Evolution, Gravitation & Time:

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  • Yes i do

    To learn about the importance of where we are who we are and what we can do to help our past and future become a better reality for our civilization and let us understand the world and universe for what it is as a whole item and space thank ya

  • Yes of course

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  • We can learn about ourselves.

    If we don't step up and begin to learn about the universe, we will never learn about our own courage, our own equality, our own ways of seeing the world. By striving to understand the universe that we inhabit, we are simultaneously striving to understand the people that we are. Discoveries--even when they have nothing to do with our daily lives--change the way that we see the universe. Philosophy hasn't died: it's become science.

  • Greater Objective Reality

    To understand the greater objective reality nature. Understanding vaccum, gravity, light and the nature of time and space. How life may have started, understanding what dark matter and energy is and if it really exists, how the universe started, and what will become of it, and if space poses any immediate risks to life on Earth.

  • Its important for all of us to realize how connected we are to the Universe

    I have always wondered from a very young age looking at the sky and stars what is going on out there? I have some basic basic knowledge and at 47 I am determined to figure out my connection to it If it takes back yard astrologers due to complaints about the money. I am ready to learn. I'm pretty sure I am one of many. Those that don't want to know Ill pray for their soul to evolve and see the bigger picture.

  • Important To Study

    I believe it is very important for us to study our Universe. I believe one day in the future, humans won't be bound to this planet or maybe even this galaxy. In order to get that far, however, we need to lay the ground work and understand the Universe more fully.

  • Yes, it's a mystery

    I don't think we should study the universe to the exclusion of other things, but space is amazing. With the invention of better and better telescopes, we can see so much more of the stars and planets and galaxies. The universe is amazing and mysterious, and throughout history, people have wondered about how it works. We should learn what we can about it.

  • Waste of YOUR money .

    Does not effect peoples daily lives . Just a huge waste of money when we have homeless and starvinvg people ,austerity, huge national debt, dismal health service, collapsing infrastructure etc etc .See the big picture . What would you spend your money on? A theory of something that occured billions of years ago or a future for your children .

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