• Obsolete and offensive

    "Royalty' is just another way to maintain dynasties and structured classism. "Royals" have no merit at birth by which to inherit large fortunes that were often stolen or oppressively taxed from their own people.

    The concepts of two-tiered or multi-tiered societies by inheritance is abhorrent in modern times. The concepts of royalty and nobility are long past due for their rightful place in the trash bin of primitive and outmoded practices.

  • Monarchies Are Outdated

    I honestly think that monarch governments are stupid. Why, as a society, have no choice whatsoever to choose who will be our leaders? People aren't choosing their leader, they're forced on it. Why have a country be ruled by only one family? Shouldn't there be some diversity? Kings and queens are just a dumb way to say we do not want to share power with the country we are given to rule since birth and they must follow me while they are under my domain. Now others may think differently but I think monarchies are just irrelevant in this era.

  • Yes I do.

    I believe it is irrelevant to have royalty in this day and age because they do not do as much as they used to. Before they were more than just figure heads they ruled and controlled the country. In our modern day society they really are not the ones in charge though.

  • Yes, the royals are irrelevant but fun to watch

    The doings of royalty do not really matter nowadays, but
    then neither do the antics of sports heroes or movie stars. These people earn their
    huge incomes by entertaining the rest of us. Watching royalty we enjoy the illusion
    that some people are truly noble, and live in a world of beauty and ease. To their
    credit, many royals promote good values, and serve as models of kindness and
    compassion. And they dress well too.

  • We could do without them now.

    Well, I doubt the royalty in question think they're irrelevant. But yes, in this day and age there doesn't seem to be much of a use for them. If we use them as brand ambassadors for this country, that's great. Let's put them on endorsement contracts that don't include palaces.

  • Royalty should go away

    It is not responsible for the tax payers to support the royal family in today's society. If they want to live in a castle and have guards and servants, then the royal family should pay for those things out of their wn pockets. Countries can not afford to give them any more money.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe it is irrelevant to have royalty in this day and age. I believe monarchies are still a form of government and any time a country switches hands this is a viable options for those in control. I believe countries, like the United Kingdom, are struggling with this because the monarch has opted to turn the government over to favor a more democratic government, but that doesn't make royalty irrelevant to the whole world.

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