• Assault cannot be fabricated

    No matter what happens to a person anytime you assault someone you should be subject to discipline. A lot of people feel like tiger woods deserves what he got, but no one has the right to just put their hands on anyone. Elin Nordegren should have been charged with assault if necessary.

  • Justifiable To Charge

    I personally think that if Elin Nordegren evidence probably outweighed the justifiable charge with assault due to the crime that took place. i personally think that if Elin Nordegren was justifiable which it was the choices as well as decision that he made that is why he was charged justifiable.

  • Of course she should

    Regardless of what happened between her and Tiger as far as infedelity is concerned, when you take a golf club and try to hit someone in their head or body with it, that is, in fact, assault. You can take her side or feel for her or understand why she did it, but it is assault.

  • He deserved what he got.

    No, I do not believe that it is justifiable to charge Elin Nordegren with assault, because Tiger Woods more than deserved what he got. Also, Elin attacked the back seat of his truck. There is no evidence that he went near Tiger or Tiger's person. She didn't do anything that would constitute assault. You are free to destroy your own property.

  • No It Isn't

    I do not believe it is justifiable to charge Elin Nordegren with assault. I assume this question is in connection to the injuries Tiger Woods displayed after their arguments towards the end of their marriage. I think everyone can agree that their relationship had a rocky ending, but they settled it between themselves and it is over, as it should be. There's no reason for either party to face criminal charges, especially after all this time.

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