• They can be a menace.

    Yes, I believe that it is justifiable to cull badgers, because they can be a menace to the land. Badgers can do a great deal of damage. Departments of Natural Resources have been controlling animal populations for years, and with great success. This is not any different than limiting any other invasive or harmful species.

  • It is justifiable

    It is justifiable to cull badgers because this needs to be done in order to save other animal species and also protect the healthy badgers. The over population of badgers would do great harm to the badger population. The culling of the animals is not only justifiable but morally correct.

  • Badgers are costing the economy Money.

    It has been shown scientifically that badgers can, and are, spreading TB to cattle. This is causing illness and early death to the cattle, and costing farmers a lot of lost income during a time when they are struggling for their financial survival. We should be supporting the farmers by reducing the number of disease carrying badgers in the wild.

  • Yes It Is

    It would seem we're out to kill the badgers because they are spreading bovine TB, which obviously negatively impacts the food chain for humans. I believe this act is completely justifiable given the circumstances. I also support the United States controlling deer populations through hunting which I would say is about the same idea.

  • No, it's not justifiable to cull badgers.

    I think that animals should all be treated with a sense of respect and humane-like procedures. When people commit such acts like culling badgers I think it goes against that principle. I do not see any justifiable or beneficial reason for humans to cull badgers. Animals should not be treated that way.

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