Do you believe it is justifiable to describe the United States as benign hegemony?

  • To Some We Are

    Hegemony is defined as influence or control over another country or a group of people and benign is defined as gentle and kindly. I believe in some cases one could consider the United States to be a benign hegemony, but that's certainly not the case when it comes to our enemies, whom we try to influence more often.

  • Yes, I think the USA is a benign hegemony.

    I do think that in some ways, the USA is a benign hegemony. But I also do not think it is a bad thing. It is foolish to think that the USA does not influence and dictate it's authority over some countries. And while some may hate it, most countries are most likely relieved that if there does have to be a superpower, that it is the USA.

  • That's an oxymoron

    You cannot be a benign empire. No empire has ever described themselves and benign. Just ask the Scots and Danes, who are the masters at loot and conquering other lands, and ask them about the humiliation they forced Germans to endured after WWII. So no, that's an oxymoron to begin with.

  • no, it isn't.

    The United States of America is not a hedgemony whether benignly or otherwise. To say so, in any context, is simply hyperbole. The same as saying that the United States is now either a communist state or riddled with fascism. The United States is simply a Democratic Republic and that's all.

  • No, it is not justifiable to describe the United States as benign hegemony

    I do not believe that it is justifiable to describe the United States as benign hegemony. The United States has a democratically elected republic for its government, while a hegemony is run by an indirect geopolitical ruler, establish by cultural imperialism. This is not, at all, how you would describe the United States.

  • No, we cannot consider the hegemony in the US to be benign.

    No, it is not justifiable to consider cultural narratives in the United States to be a "benign hegemony." The two terms are inherently contradictory; hegemonic norms always result in harm. When any culture sets a standard of "normal" and then designates any deviation from that standard as negative, it will harm the marginalized populations, even if this harm is not apparent or easily recognized. Labeling a culture as a "benign hegemony" is as logical and reasonable as "harmless poison."

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