Do you believe it is justifiable to give juveniles the death penalty if they commit murder?

  • It depends on the severity of the crime.

    I don't believe they should get the death penalty I believe juveniles have a chance to change with help and psychological therapy. It is too early to determine whether situations in their life cannot be undone or the effects they have had in their lives to come to these choices. Many serial killers start off young killing animals or people so it is a yes and no.

  • No, juveniles should not be given the death penalty.

    The death penalty should be rarely, if ever, used. It should never be used on children because the minds, understanding of things, and thinking skills of children are still growing and forming. They should be treated differently and more should be done from a mental aspect to try to rehabilitate them because crimes are more likely to come from mental issues.

  • Juveniles do not understand the consequences already.

    The entertainment media presents life and death as inconsequential. Music and movies do not portray criminal activity as having real consequences. Youth are constantly bombarded with suggestions of violence and rarely see the effects of such violence until it is visited on them. They do not fully grasp the results of serving real jail time. How could they make the choice and accept the repurcussions of such an action when they don't really understand them?

  • No: It is Not Justifiable to Execute Juveniles

    The death penalty is an outmoded form of punishment that should be abolished across the board. The government should not have this sort of power over human life, especially when such decisions have been shown to be made in error. Juveniles especially should be exempt from execution, given the fact that they are still developing as moral and intellectual agents, often lacking the judgment of adults.

  • They to young

    No, I do not think that it is just to kill a young person because they committed murder. I think that a young person can still be turned around and put on a straight path, and that they let their emotions bother them more and do not think things through.

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