• The best teachers should be rewarded.

    While evaluating teachers is somewhat subjective, it is not so subjective that we cannot tell the difference between good teachers, great teachers, and bad teachers. If teachers were paid or given incentives to improve performance it would have an overall better effect on education as a whole than paying teachers the same regardless of performance.

  • Yes, they should get merit pay

    I think teachers are either wonderful for students or their worst enemy. They are few and far between as being a teacher that can make a difference. Its hard to assume that most even care about their jobs,but in the long run merit pay will weed out these poor teachers and help the successful ones.

  • Many jobs do the same thing

    I see nothing wrong with it. Most jobs call it something like a performance bonus though. What is wrong with people getting recognized for the great job they are doing. It keeps people motivated and feeling good about what they are doing. It is not like the banking industry where they get millions of dollars in bonuses for wrecking the business and the economy too.

  • Merit pay would work great

    It would be justifiable to give merit pay to teachers. That would encourage the teachers to teach the students to the best of their ability and not just give a mediocre effort. It would greatly increase teacher competition, and competition is always a good idea. These need to happen soon.

  • Yes, I think it is justifiable to give merit pay to teachers.

    I think overall teachers have a very tough job and I think society should reward those who excel above and beyond in this already difficult job, I think it would incentive teachers to make sure their students are performing to as high of a standard as possible and that leads to everyone winning in the end.

  • It's the Students

    No. Nowadays it's like no teachers at school teach, they all use the book and script teach, it's not helpful nor is it effective. It's the students who are actually doing the work, they deserve the pay. Sure there are a few of them, but not many actually make their own lesson plans. The students are the ones doing most of the work and it's their drive to whether they do good or not. You can have the worst teacher teaching an AP Physics class, but if the students are driven to succeed and do well, they'll find a way to learn it themselves, so if everyone in there does good due to THEIR motivation to do well, why does the teacher deserve the merit pay?

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