• Yes, the land is not ours.

    As the native americans say, they do not own the land but have just been given the privilege of working and living on the land. A big part of our culture's problems is that we do not realize that and we allow a few to have most of it, so a redistribution would be moral but not likely to happen.

  • This Is A Tough One

    It would have to depend of the circumstances. If the land is acquired fraudulently, then yes, it should be redistributed. If it is just to take an owners rightfully owned land and sell it to someone else, then no, it should not be redistributed. We are starting to live in a smaller world though, with all the people. We might want to think about other means for people to acquire land in the first place.

  • Give it back

    Yes, I do think it is alright to redistribute land, if you think that it needs to be spread back out by the people who owned it before. Maybe if you had land that was taken from natives earlier, you would give it back to them so they could have it.

  • No. Government tends to be more arbitrary and biased to special interest than markets

    We all dream to have our own piece of land, yet reality is that some have more than others and many have none. Question; how to make our dream true? The answer is market force with law and regulation that ensure fair dealing and economic efficiency. Government must respect market and rule of law. Its redistribution attempt just creates unfairness and wastes.

  • no, it's not justifiable.

    If someone owns a piece of land, or has been living on a piece of land their entire life, it is completely unfair to redistribute it and tell them where to live. As a matter of face, doing this has caused some of the bloodiest wars in human history period.

  • Social justice is rarely justice.

    No, I do not believe it is justifiable to redistribute land, because no government has the right to dictate outcomes. Social justice is usually not justice. Rather, it is the opportunity for someone to take something from someone else that they haven't earned. Redistributing land would only lead to a lack of predictability in society.

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