• I think it's morally acceptable to negotiate with terrorists

    Negotiating with terrorists isn't always advisable, but I feel like there are some situations where negotiating with terrorists can help save lives, and is ultimately a good idea. I think when negotiating helps to save property or people, then it is morally acceptable to do. Especially when negotiating is simple to do.

  • Yes, if it saves lives.

    Negotiating is always something that should be attempting, especially when lives are on the line. Negotiation does not mean just letting them go free, it just means coming to an agreement that results in fewer people being harmed and, hopefully, those at fault being locked away. Naturally, there is always a limit to the negotiations, but they should be attempted.

  • Depending on the demands, it's OK

    In some cases it is morally acceptable to negotiate with terrorists. They may have hostages that need to be rescued before the terrorists can be captured, it's extremely important to negotiate with them then. In other cases, the person could be falsely accused and is trying to buy time to prove innocence, they could have access to bigger names, there are many reasons why negotiations are not always a bad thing.

  • It will encourage them.

    No, I do not believe that it is morally acceptable to negotiate with terrorists, because that only gives them a platform for their extreme views. To give them any kind of audience at all is to give in to their trying to fundamentally transform the way that we life. We have to take a hard line on terrorism.

  • No, it is not acceptable to negotiate with terrorists.

    No, I do not think it is morally acceptable to negotiate with terrorists. If we negotiate with terrorist then we give them more power and more incentive to continue committing crimes in this manner. Even thought it would be a wonderful goal to resolve things by negotiation, when that happens the law abiding citizen lose power and meaning. We have to stay strong and show terrorist that they have no power.

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