• Brain can always outwit a Brawn.

    Even if you battle head to head, Brain vs Brawn, some people could assume Brawn would pile over. But not in all cases. Brain would have the ability to trump over the brawn by "thinking fast" or even reasoning with the Brawn. It would be an endless game of "you cant get me" and eventually Brawn would just give up. Brain over Brawn.

  • Yes, I do believe so.

    The use of brains over brawn is very important. If we are to use violence, then people will not be able to solve many real problems. Talking it out and putting out heads together solves many issues that we know of today. Bottom line, you can't save someone from a disease from brawn.

  • Generally, yes, logic over force is best.

    That said, this is a vague question, and there are some situations in which brawn might be better than brains. However, I think it's always best to approach a problem or situation with logic and intellect first, seeking to find a solution through critical thinking instead of brute force. I think the brain will come up with a more effective solution because the brain will consider the best outcome with the least amount of cost and energy. Using brawn first is to rush into something without analyzing the outcome.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe it is morally right to use brains over brawn. Humans have developed in a way that our brains are very helpful to us and there is no reason for us to take that for granted. I also think it is unreasonable to assume that we should somehow morally question on abilities.

  • The mind is not harmful, but physicality can be.

    It is morally right to use brains over brawn. This is true because it is less harmful to have a debate over a topic than to come to fisticuffs over it. In addition, reading cannot injure a person, but overdoing it in a sport can result in injury. It is best to use the mind over displays of strength almost any day.

  • Yes, it's morally right.

    The most moral thing for humanity to do is to emphasize brains over brawn. We do not have much use for brawn anymore at all, whatsoever. It is becoming a world more increasingly complex and less physical. Maybe that isn't such a positive thing, but morally our minds are much more important now.

  • Yes: Brain over Brawn

    Pretty much, what everyone else said. I do not have anything to say, so I will just let everyone else to do the talking so yeah. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (I am just adding dots just to get rid of the amount of words)

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