Do you believe it is more important for writers to focus on fiction (yes) or interactive content (no)?

  • Yes, it is more important for writers to focus on fiction.

    Yes, it is more important for writers to focus on fiction versus interactive content. To many people today only see black and white and don't understand how to use their imaginations. This limits how people think and what they could think of. Most inventions started in the imagination and grew from there. Fiction books allow people to expand there minds beyond the boundary that is right in front of them.

  • You're confusing writers with editors.

    The job of a writer is to write, and therefore fiction is what writers so inclined should focus on. Creation of interactive content is something best relegated to editors, who can manipulate and present the fiction created by writers. It's not logical or practical to employ most writers as editors.

  • Fiction is very important.

    Fiction is a very importat form of wtiting, and I fear we are getting away from it. What fiction does is give you doors to other worlds in which you can escape. It doesn't matter what is going on in your life, when you open and book and really get into it, you are gone.

  • Fiction allows fore real creativity.

    It is more important for writers to focus on fiction. This is because it allows people to easily express their creativity for audiences. Interactive content is fine, but it takes much more actual difficulty to produce. So it is not actually creative as much as done with a technical aim in mind.

  • Fiction is Important

    Writers should focus on fiction over interactive content. Writers have moved away from focusing on the creative nature of fiction and focused more on interactive content. The reader can be challenged and taken to great places with great fiction works. Interactive content can be useful, but not at the expense of fiction.

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