Do you believe it is more valuable to care for aging parents (yes) or young children (no)?

  • Respect the elderly.

    I believe that it is more valuable to care for aging parents, rather than children, because a society is judged by how it treats the oldest among them. We need old people with all the knowledge and wisdom that they have to pass on to us. Old people need our protection the most.

  • No, it's more valuable to take care of young children.

    I think that it is more important to take care of young children. I think that while we all want to make sure that the elderly, especially our parents are taken cared of in their old age, it is more important that young children are taken cared of since they need such nurturing.

  • Children Come First

    Children should always come first, no matter what. Children are young and haven't lived full lives yet. Adults have already done so. If the choice came down to taking care of my children versus my parents, I'd choose my children in a heartbeat because that's why we have children. I get that we should respect elderly, but if I didn't have a choice my kids come first no matter what.

  • Prioritize the kids.

    I feel as if children are obviously more important to nurture. Then again, I don't particularly feel as if they're mutually exclusive. Most people
    (in my experience) don't have difficultly raising their young children and making sure their parents are cared for unless they are severely poverty stricken and unable to meet their needs.

  • Children Are the Future

    If I had to choose between caring for my aging parents or my young child, I would choose the child. I expect that my aging parents would be perfectly fine with this. They've lived their lives and impacted society as much as they can; young children need all the care that we can give them, in order that they might make this world a better place.

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