• Jesus said so

    As a 12 year old mother of seven Jeus told me in my dr3ams that saytan was going to kill evryboody that goes on such websites as the facebooks or the 4chins. He also told me that dank memes was a new drug that people buy over the intranet for exemple 'pepe' from amazonian primear

  • Internet Being Censored

    I personally think that it is necessary for the Internet to be censored because so that it would be safe for young children surfing the Internet. I personally think that it is necessary for the Internet to be censored because so that it would elevate cyber bulling as well as threats.

  • The young people

    Yes, since there is a whole lot of young kids that are on the internet every day, there needs to be some censors to make sure that they are not exposed to a lot of graphic images that will not be good for them to see till they are older.

  • Our own rights

    Because of all of these laws trying to be created, some of our rights are being violated. Even though kids should be censored from some materials such as pornography, their parents can control what they think is necessary for their own kids. This not only affects our nation but also affects other countries worldwide.

  • Censoring the internet violates basic rights

    To censor the internet equals a censorship of our human rights. By restricting free speech, they are one, defining what we say as either right or wrong, and two, they could possibly(in theory) define that as however they want to. If they disagree with something, then they could merely censor. Taking away the very freedom we espouse to have.

  • The internet should not be censored

    The internet is a place where free expression flourishes. It should not be censored by any political entity. If you don't like something on the internet, then don't look at it. Because it is a worldwide connection, no nation should even have the legal authority to censor or block it.

  • No, it is not necessary for the Internet to be censored.

    I do not think the Internet should be censored. Aside from material that is illegal, there should not be a censorship place upon the materials that can be obtained from the Internet. People should be allowed to make decisions for themselves on what they want to look at on the Internet.

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