• Yes and no.

    Atheists are not really those without religion but those who do not believe in the christian God. That does not mean they do not have their own weird belief. They could still pray, even pray to themself. there is nothing weird or wrong about it. We can all do things our own way.

  • Yes, although tell me, if they are atheists, to whom do they pray?

    Atheists pray? Oh, I know that everyone prays when in a life or death situation, everyone reaches out to God when their life hangs in the balance, but are we speaking of that, or prayer on a regular basis? Atheism is often seen as having no belief, which is impossible because everyone believes in something. The something that atheists believe in is that there is no higher entity, no deity or god.
    I cannot honestly understand how anyone can arrive at this conclusion after doing some real research, but I've never actually met an atheist who did any research...
    Anyway, is it normal for atheists to pray? In a life or death situation, yes. It is normal for anyone to pray in those circumstances. On a regular basis, I don't believe so. They do not believe in anyone to pray to, therefore have no reason or cause to pray.
    I answered yes because of the life and death situation, because that is normal.

  • Its for themselves

    Atheists can pray - everyone is entitled to do so, and some people enjoy it. Atheists could pray as a sort of meditation, repeating a mantra similar to yoga. Atheists might have grown up in a religious environment and may view the praying as personal traditions, divested totally of religious meaning.

  • You should pray

    To extraterrestrial beings that do exist and are telepathic. Trust me I have met a few. By praying you are mainly just stating what you need help with which can help the extraterrestrials know what problems are truly incurring on Earth. Please though do not pray to a being unless you know said being exists as that is just silly.

  • Pray to whom?

    Atheism is defined as a lack of belief in any deity, Since prayer, by definition, is a supplication to a deity then it is not possible nor is it logical for an atheist to pray. I would find it very unlikely that any atheist would take such an action at all.

  • I've never heard an atheist say they pray

    As an atheist, the reason I've never prayed is because is don't believe in anything to pray to. I don't think that it's normal for atheists to, I do a lot of online religious debating and have never come across an atheist (and I've come across a lot of Atheists) who has said that they pray.

    Maybe some Atheists would chose to 'pray' as a way of taking quite contemplation, but perhaps a better word would we 'meditation', it has less of a religious association.

  • It does not make much sense

    The fact that an Atheist by definition believes in no deity, defeats the purpose of praying to one who they don't believe is there. And if their is no deity, there is therefore no one to listen or respond to their prayers. From what I have heard from Atheists it does not seem to be normal operating procedure for an Atheist to pray.

  • That's Not Atheism

    I do not believe it is normal for an Atheist to pray. Being an Atheist indicates that you do not believe in God, so if an Atheist is praying, who exactly would they be praying to? If you see an Atheist praying just note that the person is actually not an Atheist, because this is not possible.

  • Atheism is the total disbelief in any diety.

    Atheists do not believe. Thus, atheists do not pray. The only time this may be practiced is to avoid awkward social situations. When it is just easier to bow your head and say amen with everyone else rather than disrupt the prayer. It doesn't hurt the atheist's faith to fake the funk since they have no faith. It relieves the follow-on awkward and often unnecessary conversation, allowing the atheist to move on to something that matters, like prime rib.

  • Atheists do not normally pray.

    I do not think it is normal for an atheist to pray because they have no deity in whom they choose to pray. It is their choice and their belief that there is no higher power; therefore, there would be no reason for them to pray to something or someone that they do not believe exists.

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