Do you believe it is possible for consumers of the fashion industry to consume based on ethical standards?

  • Yes, I think so

    Generation Y is becoming increasingly aware of unethical practises in the fashion industry and I believe that this will be taken into consideration in the future, but, the issue lies within the business of fashion itself. It is a billion dollar empire for a reason which could be put down to unethical practises for cost purposes. I do believe that it is possible though for consumers to make a huge impact on the industry by boycotting brands that are unethical but this would also require the work of many to expose this treatment to the public and the involvement of all to increase awareness to others. There is a long way to go with this and it may be possible in the future but right now it is down to anyone with feelings on this issue to spread the word and do the research in order to inform and dissuade others.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, if the media and other things would propagandize this a whole lot, then the people would do what ever the famous people did and would change up their habits a whole lot. I think that it would be a good thing for this to happen here in this world.

  • Yes, I do.

    I think as years, decades, and generations pass the purchasing of fashion will take a more ethical turn. It wll take a long time, but I already see it happening. It needs to be explained plainly, and not thrown at people angrily by disgusting groupls like peta who accomplish nothing.

  • Fashion is a luxury.

    Yes, I believe that it is possible for consumers of the fashion industry to consume based on ethical standards, because fashion is a luxury. People are no longer choosing clothes just for utilities sake, so that they can stay warm. When they go to make choices, ethical considerations are important to consumers, so they can feel good about what they buy.

  • Sense of modesty has vanished or vanishing.

    A thing that makes them shame and choosing clothes based on moral has now disappeared in most women and girls. They don't fell the shame and they will never be shamed. The only possible key is to appreciate the beauty of modesty. Watching movies filmed a decades ago or set on old theme movies with romance on how men attracted on women in the past can inspire them. They can't be shame but they can feel the beauty of modesty and how's the feeling of having true love.

  • The fashion industry doesn't work that way, dear.

    Do I believe it's possible? Well, yeah. Sure. Anything is possible. But a more relevant question is do I think it's probable? Sadly, the answer would be no. Fashion does not contribute, it consumes. It's all about taking it, working it, owning it. The consumers, along with the rest of the fashion industry, do not care about ethics.

  • Tube tops are an ethical disaster.

    Fashion revolves around sex. Sex is not completely without morals. Morality just restricts the thought of sex while most fashion thrives on it. Pick a time in womens fashion and the breasts, legs, or buttocks have been the focus of that time. For men, the tie has been a consistent phallic painted right on the chest. Morals have very little to do with fashion, or the consumers.

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