Do you believe it is possible for humanity to transcend violence and obtain peace with guns?

  • Peace can be obtained by anyone

    All countries strive to have peace there are many people in humanity who dream about it. It is not always guns that cause violence and harm, but the people who use the guns. If guns were not used other weapons would be used it is up to people to devise a peace plan everyone can live with.

  • You can't have guns and peace at the same time.

    It's sad because where there is more gun restriction there is more violence, because people with guns know that they have more power. If people wanted there to be peace on earth then every individual would have to understand that there is no need for guns. Guns only offer violence.

  • Created As A Weapon

    I do not believe it is possible for humanity to transcend violence and obtain peace with guns. Guns were initially created as weapons and in the end they will always be used for that. People can take either side, but the fact remains that there will always be people on both sides and those feelings will run deep.

  • No, guns are violent

    You can't have it one way or the other. If you want peace and a lower crime rate, guns have to go. I think that means on a global scale as well. You can't achieve greatness if your living in the darkages. The best thing to do is, just melt them all.

  • No, this is impossible.

    The fact tha the question is whether you can transcend violence and obtain peace with guns really baffles me. How can the two possibly even fit together. What do guns do? They are killing machines, plain and simple, just as I was taught in the military. Peace will never happen, but it would be less dangerous without guns.

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