• African Union can work together for the positive

    I believe it is necessary for the African Union to continue the growth of Africa. It is a continent that has needed development and growth for sometime and until leaders of the union work together nothing will change. There are plenty of countries in Africa that need financial assistance and a new outlook towards a better nation of people.

  • Yes, I do.

    For all of its flaws and misplays, I do think it is possible for the African Union to integrate Africa properly. Africa is such a vast continent with so much potential, it is only right that the continent, as a whole, be integrated. It would be a giant leap forward for the world.

  • african union integrate

    Compromise does not appear on the horizon. Republicans and Democrats are currently far apart and, if anything, are moving in opposite directions. Democrats are doing more name calling than negotiating or governing. Republicans, at least enough of them, are more focused on purity and principle than on finding a way out of the impasse. People wonder why the political process seems to have broken down.

  • Immature children do not get better when they join up, they become a gang.

    Really, without exception there is not a stable country on the continent. South Africa is the closet thing and even with them they share such a wild difference in racial makeup to the rest of the continent they could not possibly take the lead of the Union. In terms of scale, it would not match the UN, but it would surpass it in corruption and I cannot imagine what a corrupt African Union you do to a very weak people on the whole in the continent.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that this union is going to do any good in taking Africa and making it back to a single united people. I think that they are not a very good program, and that they are not good at getting any results in these issues there.

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