• Let The People Go!

    We the People need to assert our rightful place as sovereign over the government. But we have to address the seduction of liberalism in the minds of our people. In order to do that we should declare most of our universities and the public school system as a national security threat, shut it down and redesign it from the ground up. It is illegal to be communist and elected into any level of government. That should be expanded to include socialism.

  • Yes, the United States can restore its image to the world

    The United States can restore its image to the world by returning to the principles that made the country such a powerful force in the past. The United States needs to conduct housecleaning and remove corrupt officials from office, balance the budget and discontinue borrowing money from other countries, and make its citizens a priority in every decision made and in every law passed. Government must be scaled down and streamlined - the government is way too top-heavy right now. Federal programs will need tighter regulations in order to minimize the number of citizens taking advantage of loop-holes and claiming benefits they are not entitled to. Leaders have to make educated decisions and act in the best interests of the country, not their own.

  • Make new truces.

    It is possible for the United States to restore its image to the world. What needs to be done is there must be a new President who changes the conversation and attempts to be friendlier with all nations. Perhaps we could have a President that also tries to reach out to countries who were previously our enemies to make a new truce.

  • Yes, but not to be its only leader.

    The United States can restore its image in the rest of the world by taking decisive actions that are respectful of the agendas of the other major and third world countries. We can gain more respect ourselves but will probably never be that major and only leader that we once were.

  • Yes the United States can and restore its world image.

    The world image and creditability of the United States has suffered over the past 10 to 15 years as the results of the Global War on Terrorism and the foreign policies of the Bush Administration. The efforts of the current administration's foreign policy are based upon mutual interests and mutual respect with other countries in the world. This change in policy is the start of restoring the US's image.

  • No, I don't think the US can restore it's image to the world

    I do not believe that the United States could ever restore it's image to the world. I think our country has gotten so far out of touch with sensibility and the rest of the world that there is no way back. We don't seem to even want to try to restore our image.

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