Do you believe it is possible in this broken world for a person to be whole?

  • Rare, but Possible

    Although this is a rare occurrence, a person can be whole. Some people, being that they have "luck" as us humans put it, will be able to find their happiness in either likely or unlikely places. While this may be hard, some just have the right circumstances in their lives.

  • The world is broken, but not the being.

    A person's ability to be "whole" is dependent on the definition. One person may turn out to have an entirely separate requirement to be "whole" than another. Placing blame on the world for one's inadequacies is also improper. The world may be broken, but that does not mean that hope should be abandoned. The broken world does not equate to a broken person, just some broken people in a vast array of people.

  • Do you believe

    We are sinners. I think that humanity is inherently evil, rather than good, because our sinful nature is stronger than our nature for good. When man ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, man became fallen. From then on, humanity is not capable of doing good. Rather, they seek to hurt and cheat each other.

  • broken world for a person

    I personally agree,They are good. Human beings are inherently good, not evil. You can see this from all different types of people from all over the world. The amount of good people is much greater then the amount of bad people out there in the world. This proves that human beings are mostly good people.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, if a person was to go and do fun things all the time, treat every person that they meet with kindness, and enjoy the little things in life while they break away from technology then they would be a good and all around whole person who would live a good life.

  • Yes: It is Possible to Be Whole in This Broken World

    The sense of wholeness that is available to us does not come easily, but I believe it is attainable. Such wholeness can only come through understanding deeply the plight and suffering of our fellow man and other living animals, and then finding a way to heal our own damage as we try to compassionately reach out to others. If we are persistent in this approach, we can begin to feel a progression toward this feeling of wholeness. It is through our own suffering that we gain patience, wisdom, and compassion. It is by exercising these qualities and courageously pointing out injustice that we begin to heal ourselves and empower others to do the same.

  • Yes it is.

    Being a person of Philosopher and love of wisdom, I make myself reflect on history and argue with others and myself on ideas.
    The world isn't as broken as people make it out to be. Yes it's possible but damnit people don't put in the effort to make their life worth a damn.
    I'm self aware. I have complex opinions that many times are so much more than your average see on Tv crap. I enjoy this and so I decdicate my time and mind to philosophy,history and war. They make me intelligent and my intelligence is who I am.

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