Do you believe it is possible to fight corruption in the corporate world?

  • It is possible

    People just need to get fed up enough first. Corporations have this great knack of knowing the right people to pay off. That is why it makes it so hard to get corporations on corruption charges. Nothing is impossible though, and the past always catches up to us. One day the time will come when people are not going to let corporations bully us around anymore.

  • Corruption can be fought

    Corruption in the corporate world can be fought and the war against corruption is being won. This is good news for wall street and main street because people will be able to have faith and trust in the big public companies that they are investing in. This should occur for the government too.

  • One at a time.

    Yes, I believe that it is possible to fight corruption in the corporate world, because in the corporate world, there are usually pretty good records that are kept of things. It will not be possible to stop all corruption, but in blue-collar crime such as larceny and assault, not all of it is punished, either.

  • Yes its possible

    Yes you just have to monitor the CEO's all the way down the pipeline. There are people who will not admit that there is corruption at every level not just the CEO's but all the way down to the lesser paid workers who work for the company. People are greedy and want as much as they can get for doing as little as they can do for their money.

  • There are too many things stacked up againt the everyday corporate worker.

    It is not possible to fight corruption in the corporate world. This is because there are too many issues and problems that would stack up against a person trying to fight corruption. There are number crunchers, managers, and HR people all at the ready to do what their corporate masters tell them just so they can keep their job.

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