• Yes you can

    I think that on the internet, you can find a little bit of anything in the world. You can find a video of someone showing any type of emotion that you could possibly think of, so yes I think it would be easy to find empathy somewhere out there on the web.

  • It is possible to find empathy.

    It is possible to find empathy anywhere, including online. Anywhere there is people there is a possibility of empathy because it is something that all people have, or at least, could possibly have. While it may not be as common online because of the lack of face to face interaction, it can still be found.

  • Yes it is.

    It is possible and likely seen quite a bit to find empathy through the Internet. I think over the internet some people try very hard to be the nice person they are in real life. They will show their love and compassion and offer a shoulder to those who need it.

  • You can find empathy through the internet.

    If you are looking for empathy on the internet, there are plenty of places you can go. There are forums and message boards, chat rooms and social networkig sites. I could put a complaint on Twitter right now and there would be at least a dozen people wishing me well.

  • No, if you think you have, you are mistaken.

    No, it is definitely not possible to find empathy through the Internet. Most people are on the Internet either to learn or socialize. People are not on the Internet to actually get close enough to share feelings unless you are a teenager on a social site and that is a whole other set of dangers. People on the Internet are looking to be entertained.

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