Do you believe it is possible to have a health care system that is perfect?

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  • No, a health care system can never be perfect.

    To have a health care system be perfect would be like saying you can have a world that's perfect. People just aren't built to be perfect. We will always want money for our time, and money is the big issue why we cannot and most likely will not have a perfect health care system.

  • There Are No Perfect Systems

    In every society, there are some, who do not approve of specific policies, because none wish to, nor do they believe themselves capable of providing the necessary funds, to support a system, dedicated to making medical care, necessary to all people, equally affordable. Some of the wealthier members of any society, may find themselves moved, to charity, while others will view such a system as one that rewards laziness and penalizes those who have actually earned their personal wealth, without such help, available to them, beforehand. On the other hand, those who benefit from such a system, may either understand their hesitation, and display gratitude to whatever is granted, while others view allowing privatized health care as depriving them of necessities.

  • No, a perfect healthcare system is impossible

    A perfect healthcare system a a utopian idea. It is like saying is there such thing as a perfect government, or a perfect business. Such as thing is non-existent because humans are imperfect beings trying their hand upon as system for better or for worse. No system is perfect, so therefor there can be no perfect healthcare system.

  • No, it is not possible for there to a be a perfect health care system.

    A health care system based on giving the control to the individual will always cost more to the average person than it does to employer. But a universal health care system, while being more easily accessible to everybody, will also make it more difficult for employers to provide the best plans for their employees without putting a burden on their business.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that in any health care system there is going to be faults that come out, and no matter how hard you try it will never come out perfect. if you look at our health care system today it has a lot of problems that we are working on.

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