• Yes, it is possible to preserve biodiversity

    Yes, it is possible to preserve biodiversity, With the Highly advancing of our Technology and Science. And also the humans needs to help the planet and Put our problems in the past.
    It's not too late, The earths health, Our future needs it. We can help to preserve the biodiversity..

  • seed and gene banks are wonderful.

    I believe that we're headed for a crash, that there'll be a tipping point in the next few years when things start to go very bad climate wise, but i know there are a number of groups working very hard to catalog and maintain seeds, and embryos and genetic material, and i think we'll come out the other side of it. Probably. Maybe.

  • With great care.

    Yes, I believe that it is possible to preserve biodiversity, because scientists and charitable organizations are doing amazing things with preservation of species. Biodiversity is something that can be maintained with botanical gardens and other nature preserves. We have technology and we can do amazing things if we are dedicated to the cause.

  • Yes, I think it's possible to preserve biodiversity.

    I think that as long as scientists and environmentalists are working on this I think it's very possible to preserve biodiversity, I think we need to put in measures and regulations to make sure that species are protected and areas with high amounts of organisms are protected, I think with proper attention biodiversity can be preserved.

  • Yes, it is possible to preserve biodiversity.

    I think that it is possible to preserve biodiversity. I think that as long as society and science does everything it can to help maintain the health of the planet and environment, it will help to preserve biodiversity on this planet. There is no reason it cannot continue for the future.

  • No, we are losing the ability to preserve biodiversity.

    Unless we want to live in a world where insects rule, we seem to be losing biodiversity on this planet. New species are discovered all the time, but they are not what we typically consider when we think of biodiversity. We have encroached upon and killed off most land mammals, and today even our oceans are suffering this onslaught. It is a shame to me, because our lives are less rich because of this. I have tremendous admiration for those people who are working to protect wildlife, aquatic life and plant species, but in so many ways they seem to be fighting a losing battle.

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