• Yes, stem cells!

    Stem cells regenerate into all diff forms of tissue! We could grow edible meat in a lab, but would the injected vitamins be of the same value? Would it be fiscally feasible? We have all kinds of things to explore on this. It is certainly possible though! There are already trials being conducted.

  • Artificial tissue is already being produced.

    Tissue is being produced in laboratories. This tissue is not muscle or bone, but cartilage and skin. These are products of stem-cell research. It is being done through artificial circulatory functions. Tissue is the reproduction of cells. We have already harnessed the ability. We have not applied it to muscle, which is generally the 'meat' most people think of. Yes, there is not much left to do before we can create muscle tissue without livestock.

  • Yes they have

    Yes science has grown hamburger in a petri dish I remember reading this article a few months ago on I believe it was Huffington post. If you put meat grown in a petri dish you can read it for yourself. This type of meat is not going to be healthy for us to eat. Anything man touches has made us sicker. Anything God has created has healed us for centuries.

  • To Produce Meat

    I personally think that The researchers advocate that using a diverse group of edible plants such as that in a silvopastoral landscape promotes healthy soil with better water retention (and less runoff), encourages predators of harmful animals, minimizes greenhouse gas emissions, improves job satisfaction for farm workers, reduces injury and stress in animals, improves welfare and encourages biodiversity using native shrubs and trees.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, you can produce meat without livestock if you go and hunt for it. If you go hunt and kill animals you get just as much meat, and you get the fun and enjoyment of getting to go hunt and get to kill the animal that you are going to eat.

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