• Yes its important!

    Many people believe racism is gone. That simply isn't true. It is all around us. The problem is the fact that we don't talk about it. Many people were never able to heal because no one want to talk about race for what it is. The conversation will not be easy and some people will be offended, but the truth is offensive sometime and regardless of the felling that are hurt the conversation needs to happen and continue to hapen

  • It Is Important To Discuss Everything

    All though, some discussions are never easy. That is probably why most do not like to discuss race in the first place. People are very sensitive to what gets said. The slightest mistake and people will get hammered by the other side. That does not mean we should not have the discussion, just that people need to calm down a bit.

  • Yes, it is important

    You can't forget the past. Its still an issue in America,but not as big as once it was. Human rights have come along way,but that was only decades ago. You have to keep things relevant in order to keep people informed. Its still an issue across the globe and will be for a long time. Its important to point it out.

  • Race is not important for intellectuals.

    It is not still important for African American intellectuals to discuss race. This is because the more people focus on race, the more of an issue it becomes. If people were to simply pursue success and disregard anything with racial overtones, we would not need to talk about it at all.

  • They Shouldn't Feel Obligated

    I believe the ultimate goal regarding race relations would be the matter completely disappearing from society without any racial problems. I do not believe we are there yet so the community does benefit when unbiased African American intellectuals touch on the problems still related to race relations. I do believe the problem is very much improved, so African American intellectuals shouldn't feel they have to comment on this topic at all, especially if they don't experience any problems with it.

  • No, it's a bad idea.

    I like Morgan Freeman's approach here. And he is an intellectual. He basically said that the way we approach race and racial problems is to not talk about it anymore. You don't address him as a black man and he won't address you as whatever race you are. We need to realize that we are all one and the same.

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