Do you believe it is time to end IMMUNITY for Prosecutor's

  • What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?

    Some prosecutors in todays' justice system want nothing more than revenge on someone whether it is race or outside of court matters. These people need to not be believed until they have proved that the defendant has been found guilty in front of a judge. Shouldn't have to point this out.

  • To many lives stolen or destroyed and change has to start somewhere

    Prosecutor's have way to much power and it's becoming increasingly more and more misconduct and wrongful convictions where they have put thousands of Innocent people behind bars for years for crimes that they never did, and letting the real criminal free to continue their crimes.
    If not for Innocent projects all over the world exonerating the innocent would never exist because our prosecutors are only thinking of the ride up to judge, they literally have stolen thousands of years from the innocent and their families ,yet their is no recourse? They live their lives and because they know they can escape justice, it continues.

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