• We don't get anything done.

    Yes, it matters if government is divided, because that will affect how much we are able to get done. It can be a good thing, because it can stall extremists from carrying out their bizarre plants. It can also be a bad thing, because it can prevent us from making government more efficient.

  • Yes it does

    Yes it does matter if a government is divided this will always represent more of the voters than the ones that don't have a divided government. There will be many choices in the government that one will fight for or argue or debate against in the government. Choose the one who represents your rights the most.

  • A divided government causes damage.

    I believe it matters very much if a government is divided. A divided government is not able to function for the good of it's people because it functions solely to keep the divide in the forefront of everyone's mind. It can no longer accomplish anything useful, and argument and finger pointing become the daily activity.

  • Yes, it matters if a government is divided.

    I think that when a government is divided, it should be something that concerns everybody in that nation. We all should strive for a government that looks to work together rather than one that tries to play politics. When a government works together, the people of the nation benefits from it.

  • No It Doesn't

    I do not believe it matters if a government is divided. The way the United States is set up, it is divided quite often and they still pass legislation and move forward. If anything a divided government may be more apt to listen to the people as there is less inside cooperation.

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