• a requirement to vote

    I personally agree,Voting is an excellent way to keep tabs on the population (like a census). Also, so many people claim that they detest the government and all things it contains, and yet they don't bother to get up from their chairs and vote come Election Day. We have fought so hard in the past for our voting and freedom and yet so many of us don't bother to exercise this right.

  • It is the individual's choice

    A government does not have the right to call itself a democracy or republic if it forces its citizens to vote. The principle component of a republic is having freedom, so forcing someone to vote is violating this principle. Plus it also increases fake votes and votes that don't actually represent the voter, as they might just scribble some random candidate down to get it over with.

  • Not at all

    No, it should not be a requirement to vote, because this is a democracy, and we have the right to vote, but no one is making us do it at all. It is all up to you if you want to or not, and no one should ever make you.

  • America is about having freedom.

    To force people to vote, would be to take away one of the reasons they can vote, their freedom of choice. Quite a few people, in America, don't agree with the candidates, that are running for offices, in this country. So instead of picking the lesser of two evils, they choose not vote. As an American who supports freedom, I support their right to not vote if they don't want to.

  • No, you should vote, but you shouldn't be required to do it.

    I strongly believe that everyone should exercise their right to vote. But requiring people to vote would be wrong. Frankly, many people are too ignorant to vote responsibly. They don't inform themselves about the issues. People like that are doing the electorate a favor by not casting an uninformed vote.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe it should be a requirement to vote. I believe when people have a choice they can decide not to vote for many reasons. They may admit that they don't want to spend the time actually making a decision, since some people feel it is wrong to vote when unaware. Others may feel like their vote may be a waste anyway. I believe it is best to leave that freedom up to the people.

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