• Who is opposing this motion

    The only people who actually oppose this motion are most probably homophobic, have been raised in a homophobic environment or are homosexuals trying to hide who they are in fear of homophobes. Whatever the case may be, side opposition is rejecting to acknowledge something I think is very important. The beauty of human beings is that we surpass biology by being able to love one another regardless of gender. It used to be wrong to support interracial marriages, and now someone who is against it would be referred to as a racist and bigot. Marriage is not about swearing yourself to a person so you can engage in sexual reproduction. We marry because we love, and we want to spend the rest of our lives with someone who truly loves us back. Because love and compassion are what set us apart from other animals. We cannot deny this change, because it is coming and it is good. So please, please tell me why you can't find it in yourself to celebrate or at least understand that marriage surpasses race and gender and is the largest commitment you can make in the name of love. The love between two people and not simply a promise to procreate.

  • Why you so prejudiced??

    Before the Christian/Muslin/etc. God, being gay was perfectly normal and accepted, but now all these people are saying gays/lesbians are bad and should not be accepted, or not be willing to say "yes i am a man and I like to date men." or "yes I am a woman and like to date women." why can't that be accepted and seen as "I like to have a boyfriend/girlfriend because i connect with that person and it feels right to me, because some day I hope to marry them and be proud that I found someone that makes me happy regardless of their gender.

  • Yes, homosexuals should be able to marry nationwide.

    I think that homosexuals should have the right to marry nationwide. I do not see any reason why anybody should be denied the right to marry somebody that they love. I do not see somebody being the same sex as the other person as a reason to deny them marriage.

  • Yes it should

    I think that they deserve the right to marry any individual that they choose to just like straight couples. The hard part now is that some states recognize their marriage but then some other states do not. If they move they may not bee seen as married. It needs to be legal everywhere.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe gay marriage should be legal across the United States. These marriage are now being recognized by all states so it makes little sense to refuse to allow them. The case of illegal gay marriage neglected peoples rights and we need to stop doing this as a nation. Withholding rights is un-American, in my opinion.

  • Well, why not?

    There is literally no reason for homosexual marriage to be legal. It won't do any harm to anyone. If your argument for why homosexual marriage is 'evil' is they can't procreate, people don't marry to reproduce, the world is overpopulated, we don't need to have children to keep our tiny village going! It's like how interracial marriage used to be illegal and now if you oppose it, you're a racist bigot. It's the exact same thing. Soon, if you don't accept homosexuality, you're going to suffer the same backlash as if you said "black people deserve less rights than white people" or "women are inferior to men".

  • Man and woman.

    No, I do not believe that it should be legal nationwide for homosexuals to marry, because marriage should be between a man and a woman. Homosexuals can do whatever they want in their personal time, but the government does not need to be sanctioning it, or forcing us to pay benefits for same-sex partners.

  • I do not believe it should be legal nationwide for homosexuals to marry.

    I do not believe it should be legal nationwide for homosexuals to marry. I believe that marriage should be legal only between men and women. The purpose of marriage is to create a single family out of two people for the purpose of procreation. Homosexuals cannot procreate so they should not be allowed to get married.

  • Making homosexual marriages legal will promote gay mentality.

    Homosexuality is not a natural condition, and is instead caused by influences from the enviornment that lead to the phycological decison, and legalizing it will make it more acceptable in society, which will in turn, cause a greater number of people to decide to become homosexual, instead of following the natural design of humans to be heterosexual.

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