• A grounding in the classics is great

    More than anything, i suspect that moving forward students will need flexibility and a broad knowledge base. Translating the Bards prose into something they can understand has been aiding students in both for decades at least. I'm normally a bit of a futurist, but I feel that learning about the masterpieces of western culture is important.

  • But soft! I do.

    Yes, I believe that it should be required for students to learn about Shakespeare, because they would be missing out on some funny and relevant literature if they skipped him. Shakespeare is also hard. To study him is to improve English skills. Students need to learn the cultural references so that they know them when they come up in life.

  • Students should be required to learn Shakespeare.

    Although his work does not appeal to all tastes, Shakespeare had a major influence on literature. Many authors since have borrowed from or referenced Shakespeare. In order for students to understand this literature as well as Shakespeare's impact on the literary world, they need to study Shakespeare. Shakespeare should, therefore, be required learning.

  • Yes, Shakespeare was a talented author and should be taught in schools

    Shakespeare's plays have been taught in schools for many years and there is still a place for learning about him and his work in the school system. There do not need to be months and months devoted to Shakespeare's plays, as there are many other talented authors and playwrights who also deserve to be discussed, but Shakespeare and his works should be kept in English and literature classes. He is widely considered to have been a genius at his craft, and wrote a wide variety of works, including plays and poems. Many lines from his works are commonly quoted today, so every student needs to be familiar with Shakespeare and his works if they are to be considered to have a well-rounded education.

  • Yes to see what life was like

    Yes he depicted life as the way it was and it is a part of history to a degree he was one of the greatest writers during that era of time. It can be confusing but it can teach you about how to love and act and react to situations one young person will find themselves in eventually.

  • No one speaks this way anymore

    The title speaks for itself. If you were to break out into shakespearean language in the middle of conversation nobody would understand you. Furthermore, many of his plays are discriminative towards women and minorities. In modern society it is absolutely unacceptable to do so. Shakespeare's work is offensive, outdated, and overall hard to understand. You can make it just fine in life not knowing a Midsummer Night's Dream or Othello.

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