Do you believe it would be better to adjust the enlistment age to 21 in the United States?

  • Yes It Would

    I believe it would be far better to adjust the enlistment age to 21 within the United States. I believe this would given potential enlistees more time to think about entering the military and I believe it would also allow them to mature more before doing so. I believe it would also eliminate the problem of minors and of age people drinking together during training and assignments.

  • 18 is an fine age to enlist.

    Raising the minimum requirements for enlistment to 21 will not solve or even address any problems with enlistees. What it will do is create a gap of 3 years that a person has to wait to use the military to get to a new situation. Some soldiers enlist for a fresh start in a new place, or even just for the college money. If the person has to wait until 21, then that is three years later that they can graduate due to no money.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that the enlistment age of eighteen is just fine here in the US. I think that it gets the men when they are old enough to make their own decision, and are young enough to have a long time to be trained then fight and not get old.

  • The enlistment age is right

    The enlistment age of eighteen in the United States is just right. The kids that want to enter the service at that age know what they are getting into. Plus, if the age was raised to twenty one then the enrollment numbers would decrease significantly and that would be a big problem.

  • Young people are strong.

    No, I do not believe that it would be better to adjust the enlistment age to 21 in the United States, because people are often better when they are younger and stronger. Also, having an enlistment age that is immediately after high school can help young people avoid other problems, such as crime.

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