• Level headed with a sense of humility and heart

    Jeb is the most qualified, well rounded candidate - no doubt. He has many strengths, he is not only focused on foreign affairs, or health care or tax credits but is capable of dealing with all the economics of government as well as security issues and cultural. He is level headed, a family man and clearly is pursuing the office of the President because he wants to serves his country.

  • Jeb bush will be the next president

    He's the only person in the group that is actually qualified for the job and gives reasonable intelligent answers. I'm a democrat never voted for a republican president in my life but I'll take him over Hillary any day. One by one the other clowns will drop off and he will win.

  • I do belive Jeb Bush could win the 2016 Presidential Election.

    I believe Jeb Bush stands a very good chance of winning the 2016 Presidential Election. He would be running on the Republican ticket, and he has a lot of valuable experience to put him in this leadership position. The Bush name, while not always the most popular, is widely known and people will likely vote for him just because he's familiar to them. Plus, I think many Americans are dissatisfied enough with our current President that they might be persuaded to vote for the opposite party in hopes of seeing some positive changes.

  • A family history

    Yes, I do think that Jeb Bush could definately with this next election for president. Everyone is tired of the current president, and ready for someone new. The past two Bush presidents did a good job, so the family background will help him if he decides to try going for it.

  • He would be horrible as president

    He thinks his brother did a good job! (What divorced-from-reality universe does the man inhabit?)

    And Paul Wolfowitz is a foreign policy/defense adviser for him now?!!! Same people who got us into the Iraq debacle and so erroneously predicted the outcome of our sending ground forces there. What's more, they deliberately lied to support their case for sending so many good Americans to be killed or maimed.

    Not to mention the economic fiasco under "W." (Does Jeb also have the same financial/economic advisers that his brother had?)

  • As someone who

    Voted for his brother, twice and who supports Republicans over Democrats 90% of the time, I say no. While a talented Governor, Jeb has nothing to offer that will overcome the 'brand' of his name, which will doom him in a general election due to the enthusiasm gap, which would be severe.

  • Not Another Bush Administration

    After the horrible eight years of the George W. Bush administration, no Republican voters in their right minds will put another Bush in the White House. Jeb Bush caused his brother to be elected in the first place with Florida's hanging chad debacle in 2000. Republicans aren't stupid and won't nominate Jeb Bush whatsoever. If they are smart, they'll convince Marco Rubio to run for president.

  • No, I don 't believe Jeb Bush could win the 2016 presidental election.

    I think the last name Bush already has a bad reputation among voters. We have already had two President Bushs to serve in the White House the elder President Bush and his son the younger President Bush. Both of them were not very good presidents. I, as well as other voters don 't want another President Bush in the White House.

  • He should not run.

    No, I don't think that Jeb Bush could win the 2016 presidential election. For one thing, he has expressed absolutely no interest in putting himself or his family into that national arena. For another, I think that most Americans now feel that two Bushes in the Oval Office was one more than necessary.

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