Do you believe Jeff and Mark Pearcy hid evidence from the police in the Holly Bobo case?

  • Woman testifies to

    Why would Sandra make such a claim if she hadn't seen the video? Who would ever connect those two groups? Sandra makes a very good witness and is believable. If not Holly Bobo, what other woman would these creeps have a vid of being bound and assaulted? Vicious lying accomplices.

  • The rotten apple between these two brothers is Mark Pearcy!!!!!

    The rotten apple between these two brothers (Jeffrey Pearcy and his brother, Mark Pearcy) is Mark Pearcy; he (Mark Pearcy) was the one filming the video and of course, what his brother (Jeffrey Pearcy) said about not knowing the Bobo family or the perpetrators of this crime may be true but his brother (Mark Pearcy) did know the Bobo family and/or the perpetrators and was him (Mark Pearcy) the one that gave that video to his brother Jeffrey and thanks God for his stupidity of showing the video to his girlfriend at the time (Sandra King) that’s why we all know that there was a freaking video of this tragedy and the police did a great job by backing up her story (Sandra King) when they recorded her (Sandra King) talking to him (Jeffrey Pearcy) about the same freaking video and if he really didn’t understand what she was saying because of the noise of his car, why would he answer the right answer when he said to her “””Yes I know””…He (Jeffrey Pearcy) didn’t say “””I can’t hear you””’ , “””can you repeat that???”””or “””wait hun, let me get home so we can talk better because my car is making too much noise””””NOT AT ALL…He answered “””YES, I KNOW”””...Both bothers are guilty, one (Mark Pearcy) for participating directly in this crime and the other (Jeffrey Pearcy) for knowing about the crime (been an accomplice) and for tampering with evidence after the crime....

  • Jeff and Mark Pearcy Hide More Evidence for the Holly Bobo Case

    I believe that the Pearcy brothers hide more evidence from the police about the Holly Bobo case. It has been several years since the abduction has happened and none of them ever cooperated with the police. I think they hide their guilty conscious and delay justice. Hopefully, the police finally clear this case and have enough evidence for the court.

  • Yes, Jeff and Mark Pearcy hid evidence from the police in the Holly Bobo case

    Yes, Jeff and Mark Pearcy hid evidence from the police in the Holly Bobo case. I believe that they did this so that they would not get into trouble for allegedly killing her. They wanted to be able to kill and get away with it. They hid evidence because they wanted to evade justice, plain and simple.

  • Yes I agree they hid evidence.

    From what I have read in the news papers and heard on the news that these two gentleman did in fact hide evidence from the police. I also believe that if they would have come forward before now they could have spared the family 3 years of pain not knowing what happen to their daughter and I think they should pay the price for that.

  • Woman Testifies to Seeing Bobo Video

    According to testimony given at a preliminary hearing, a woman testified that she had seen a cell phone video showing Zachary Adams with Holly Bobo who was tied up and in tears. Adams, along with Jason Autry, was indicted for kidnapping and murder earlier this year. If the Pearcy brothers had this video in their possession, then it should have been turned over to the police.

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