• Time has proven

    Over time, it has been proven that Jennifer Hudson is the exact sort of multi-talent and celebrity persona that American Idol was designed to search for in the first place, but it seems like America and the judges were slightly off when Jennifer Hudson lost the competition, as she has gone on to perhaps the greatest success of all Idol winners.

  • Yes, Jennifer Hudson should have won American Idol.

    I believe that Jennifer Hudson should have won American Idol. I think that she had some of the best performances throughout the season of American Idol that she was on. She was also the most talented during that year of the show. That is why I think she should have won.

  • She is inspirational.

    Yes, I believe that Jennifer Hudson should have won American Idol, because she was a wonderful singer that really connected with her audience. Hudson has a way of connecting with people and singing our story, kind of like Taylor Swift does. Hudson is a package of musical talent and entertainment value. She won easily.

  • It Is What It Is

    Jennifer Hudson was eliminated from her season fo American Idol during the Top 7 show after her performance, so she didn't make it far enough to even be considered a contender. However, I think she is highly talented and deserves all of the recognition and success she's met since the show. Given that talent I would say she is lucky for not getting locked into that contract, so no, I do not believe she should have won.

  • Fantasia won it on her talent.

    Nope. I can not say that I think Jennifer Hudson should have won American Idol. Within the context of that third season of the show, Fantasia Barrino had the better voice and stage presence. The call-in voters agreed. However, including everything that has happened since, obviously Hudson has deservedly done much better.

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