Do you believe Jesus Christ was a real, historical figure?

  • Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords

    Jesus is the Son of God, sent into this world to die for man kinds sin. We all have an appointment with him one day. The moment we take our last breath( believer or not a believer) we will know with out a doubt this JESUS is the son of God and that we will stand before him in the JUDGMENT. They will be 2 judgements: The Great White Throne Judgment where Jesus with tears in his eyes will sent the lost to HELL for eternity. The other judgement will be for believers. We will be judged for what we did for the Lord after we got saved.

  • Fully God, fully Man.

    Absolutely. Jesus the Christ (the christ=messiah, a title, not a last name) came down, God in the flesh, and dwelt with humans. Died on cross for sinners. Rose again on the third day. He is currently reigning from heaven, on the right hand of The Father, interceding for his elect.

    Everyone here is agreeing that Jesus was a real man based off some historical documents affirming the Nazarene an actual figure, but I must ask why none of you have looked at the most accurate text pertaining to the Glorious Savior, The Bible, His autobiography! Truly it is a compilation of historical documents. Don't believe me? Look it up. It'll pass any test you'd give any other historical document. Blessings upon you friends :)

  • I believe....he was a cool guy.

    In line with most evidence and historical accounts will support that Jesus Christ did exist. Even Muslims cite him as a figure in history. It is just the claims of magic that I cannot support. Jesus Christ was a very charismatic figure in history that had some stories embellished about him. His most spectacular feats should be noted as how he led people, not parlor tricks.

  • Real but not a god

    I believe that Jesus was a real but is not a god or any notable person. I think that he was a man that took advantage of certain scenarios and probably told a couple of lies to get to a point where he wanted to be. He probably was responsible for leading an uprising against the current government.

  • Yes, I think the Bible documents it.

    I'm not sure if the Bible can prove his status as the son of God, however, I do think it documents him as a real person. I think there's other materials and texts that do so as well. Again, who he was and what he was capable of may not be proven through the Bible. However, I do think he existed as an actual man.

  • Yes, Jesus was a real person.

    Yes, Jesus was a real person and lived during the time of the Roman occupation of Jerusalem. Historically he served as a public figure and an instigator of change that set the basis for an uprising against the Romans. Whether he is divine or not is debatable, but his presence as a human being during that time period is founded.

  • Real, but different

    Yes, I do think that he was a real person, but I think he was simply a great speaker and persuader, and did not do the things the bible claims. I think that the story slowly got bigger and bigger, and that he was actually just a great people person.

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